Beyond the Trade Road


The adventurers awake to a now found box belonging to the merchant Trevaus. Knowing his residence is in Fallcrest they then ventured upon the town as was their original plan. A few members disembarked at that time but in entering the town they do not find it hard to seek out the very same dwarf Trevaus. In returning the box and receiving their pay they gain another member namely, Rogan, who’s aim is to seek out the illustrious Morgana. With his assistance they returned to Malawrath’s lair in the Twisted Halls and defeated the dragon Farallax after excising some information. They then claimed this newly obtained structure as their home after finally cleansing it of evil. Leaving two members behind, while another three are amiss, the final three of the group ventured forth to the town to show their triumph over the dragon and to gain further knowledge. The city of Fallcrest was much amazed by the adventurers and their dragon head trophy, bequeathing them the title of “Dragon’s Bane”. Using this temporary notoriety they extracted information and ventured forth leaving behind their companions till a later date.

A Stroke of Justice

Continuing on their path in the dungeon this group of heros soon faced a vicious bugbear of which they quickly disposed of by attempting to use a form of trickery by their once captive goblin. From there the victorious group continued their rampage and found themselves before the dreaded Malawrath and his undead minions. This battle proved to be much more successful then the battles of the former day and through tears, cries, and brute force they conquered their foes. Much trouble in the fight was attributed to Malawrath resurrecting minions however they laid dead after the death of their master. Plunder was found upon Malawrath and in his study however the box the group was searching for was not to be found. The weary group spends one more night in the almost empty temple of old awaiting the morning in which they might discover their lost box and return to receive a prize from the dragon, Farallax.

Rash Action

Awakening underground in a grand temple built by the minotaurs of old, these adventurers fought further into the dungeon seeking their goal. All the while losing one member to an unknown magical trap and gaining another ally. Their ambitious stride guided them to new rooms and they soon stumbled upon a magical game board. At the point of victory over the board a brave but rash member of the party charged into the following room whereupon he soon found himself unconscious due to the strong nature of the enemies within. After a long and arduous battle with these new combatants the group remained victorious. After gaining information from the surrendering enemy, they now await a battle with the infamous Malawrath as word of their heroic actions spreads across the land.

Justice Awaits

After recent attacks upon merchants transversing the Trade Road, a number of unknown travelers have banded together in pursuit of the villains associated with the crimes. Their investigations have brought them to the lair of Malawrath, a mysterious yet formidable foe who’s name has been attached to these vicious acts. After having agreed to the disposal of Malawrath for the dragon, and co-host of the lair, Farallax, this group along with their once captured goblin are proceeding to the heart of the dungeon to bring Malawrath to justice.


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