Beyond the Trade Road


The adventurers awake to a now found box belonging to the merchant Trevaus. Knowing his residence is in Fallcrest they then ventured upon the town as was their original plan. A few members disembarked at that time but in entering the town they do not find it hard to seek out the very same dwarf Trevaus. In returning the box and receiving their pay they gain another member namely, Rogan, who’s aim is to seek out the illustrious Morgana. With his assistance they returned to Malawrath’s lair in the Twisted Halls and defeated the dragon Farallax after excising some information. They then claimed this newly obtained structure as their home after finally cleansing it of evil. Leaving two members behind, while another three are amiss, the final three of the group ventured forth to the town to show their triumph over the dragon and to gain further knowledge. The city of Fallcrest was much amazed by the adventurers and their dragon head trophy, bequeathing them the title of “Dragon’s Bane”. Using this temporary notoriety they extracted information and ventured forth leaving behind their companions till a later date.


wisekris Takiel

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