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Places of Interest

Points of Darkness

The Twisting Halls: A large temple overrun by an evil clan.
The Witchlight Fens: ???
The Chaos Scar:

Points of Light

Fallcrest: A town of relative size and starting destination of our Adventurers

Points of Gray

Geographical Features

Moon Hills: Small hills south of Fallcrest. Location of The Twisting Halls
Goblin Hideout: Small cavern where a goblin band took shelter


Trade Road: The first road our Adventurers traveled on and subsequently were attacked on.
The Crossroads: Where our adventures first met.


The Box : A quest after a stolen box taken by a mysterious rider aided by goblins.
Finding Morgana : Seeking out the Enchantress Morgana, former lover of Malawrath.

Main Page

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